Penfield Development
City of Saint Paul
96 East 10th Street St. Paul, MN 55102
Carbon Emissions
18 lbs/sf-yr
Net zero
Average building

Note: The graph below shows data submitted by the project team and has not undergone an external review.

<b>SB 2030 Standard</b><br>13 pounds CO2e/sf/year <b>As Designed</b><br>18.3 pounds CO2e/sf/year
The greenhouse gas emissions associated with the project’s annual energy use are calculated in pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents per square foot per year (lbs CO2e/sf/year). It shows the project-specific SB 2030 Carbon Standard, the predicted carbon emissions from the fuel mixture specified in the project’s energy model, and the actual annual carbon emissions calculated from meter readings (if available).

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