Riverview Apartments South Wall Renovation
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
605 Tenth Street Windom, MN 56101
Construction and Demolition Waste
0% to waste stream
100% to waste stream

<b>Total weight (in tons) of all project<br>construction and demolition waste</b><br>31.5 tons <b>Total weight (in tons) of all project<br>construction and demolition waste<br>that ended up in a landfill</b><br>21.5 tons
This graph compares the total weight of all construction, demolition, and land clearing debris (in tons) to the total weight of the waste that ended up in a landfill. The difference between the two bars indicates the amount of construction and demolition waste that was reused, recycled, and/or salvaged from the construction site.
Waste Strategies
  • Reuse Existing Building

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