Sun Ray Library
City of Saint Paul
2105 Wilson Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55119
Carbon Emissions
21 lbs/sf-yr
Net zero
Average building

Due to its small size, this project used the Small Buildings Method for SB 2030 compliance. This method involves meeting a prescriptive set of requirements and evaluating operational energy use in comparison with an SB 2030 Standard based on those requirements. No design model is required for this method of compliance.


Weather Normalization
The greenhouse gas emissions associated with the project’s annual energy use are calculated in pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents per square foot per year (lbs CO2e/sf/year). It shows the project-specific SB 2030 Carbon Standard, the predicted carbon emissions from the fuel mixture specified in the project’s energy model, and the actual annual carbon emissions calculated from meter readings (if available).
Energy Strategies
  • All Available Appliances Energy Star Certified
Domestic Hot Water
  • 95% or greater DHW Efficiency (Natural Gas Fueled)
  • Recirculating Hot Water Pump
Envelope / Insulation
  • Glazing with SHGC Under 0.4
  • R-20 to R-30 Wall Insulation (for Opaque Walls)
  • Window Setbacks
  • Economizer
  • High Efficiency Fans
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Continuous Daylighting Controls
  • LED Lighting
  • Occupancy or Vacancy Sensors
  • Optimized Emergency Lighting
  • Provide Daylighting Through Skylights
  • Reduced Lighting Power Density
  • Majority of Windows are North / South

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