Richard H. Rowan Public Safety Training Center
City of Saint Paul
600 Lafayette Road Saint Paul, MN 55130
Building Water Use
2.21 gallons/sf-yr
Zero potable water
Base case

This project used a variety of site and water strategies including bird safe building, low flow fixtures, soil remediation, durable native vegetation, storm water management, and transportation alternatives.

<b>Total building water consumption<br>for regulated fixtures, B3 requirement</b><br>2.36 gallons/sf-yr <b>Total building water consumption,<br>project as designed</b><br>2.21 gallons/sf-yr
The total building water consumption is shown in gallons per square foot, and compares the B3 requirement of 30% less than a base case (from 1992 Energy Policy Act requirements) to the project as designed and the actual indoor water use from meter readings.
Indoor Water Strategies
Domestic Hot Water
  • 95% or greater DHW Efficiency (Natural Gas Fueled)
Bird Safe Glazing
  • Complies with Bird Safe Guideline
  • Low Flow Aerators (faucets) Under 1.0 gpm
  • Low Flow Showerheads Under 1.5 gpm

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